Caveat Emptor – Dundee Survival

UPDATE:  They offered a partial refund to close the PayPal dispute.  I accepted.  But this post will remain up as a warning to other potential buyers.  They sell crap and act like crap.  Don't waste your time or money.  This place sells complete c … [Read more]

Ruck Sack – Trade Only

This is a military issue (mil-spec) (desert camo) Ruck.  It is like new in condition.  Two main compartments, bottom compartment will hold a complete military 3 piece sleep system.  Top compartment has a map flap and is large and roomy. There is also … [Read more]

You grab your gun and go to work…

You are laying in bed.  Beside you on the nightstand is a Ruger LC9. Your friend is laying in his bed and beside him is a Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Master Combat Pistol. Simultaneously, someone breaks into each of your homes.  You grab the LC9 and … [Read more]

Dear liberal moonbats…

Ha you mental midgets figured out that half the crap we do as conservatives or libtertarians or anyone OTHER than Democrats do is simply to fire you guys up?  We're "firing for effect".  Just to watch you spin up and out of control. Hell if I c … [Read more]